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Why choose reflexology ?

Reflexology does not diagnose, cure or prescribe - though it works in tandem with conventional medicine. Reflexology supports the body to reduce stress and stimulate the body's own healing processes.

Reflexology is suitable for all ages - with each treatment tailor-made to suit the needs of the specific individual.

Stress compromises the health of individuals. Reflexology is an ancient healing process which helps to relieve stress and tension, both of which can cause ill-health.

What is reflexology ?

It is a gentle therapeutic treatment which can be applied to feet, hands or face.

Pressure is applied to specific places ( reflex points ) that connect to different parts of the body's functions allowing the body to heal itself and to regain balance.

Reflexology stimulates the circulation and removal of toxins.

Major benefits from treatments are an increase in vitality, relaxation and a release of tension. Reflexology can improve overall well-being.

How is it applied?

Reflexology is a non-intrusive complementary therapy that has become widely accepted in the Western World. During reflexology treatments the practitioner applies firm but gentle pressure to reflex areas on the feet or the hands.

The theory behind reflexology is that the reflexes in the feet or hands correspond to every organ and structure of the body, and that they are linked by energy channels. during illness these channels may become blocked. Reflexology seeks to remove the blockage and permit the energy to flow to return to normal, which in turn helps to restore the body's balance.

Reflexology is a gentle non- invasive therapy which relaxes you and encourages your body to heal itself. During treatment gentle pressure is applied to areas on the your feet and hands: these are called reflexes and correspond directly to different parts of your body. The treatment aims to balance and support your body's own healing system physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Reflexology may offer relaxation and a general release from emotion stress and tension. After treatments you may experience relief from physical pain and an improvement in concentration. You may find your sleeping patterns improve and your energy levels increase . You may experience feeling of general well-being and happiness.

Many specific conditions can respond well to Reflexology: asthma, back, neck and shoulder problems, depression, hay fever, headaches, IBS, indigestion so, insomnia, menopausal symptoms, stress, urinary problems.

Please note however that Reflexologists do not claim to diagnose or to cure. Reflexology is a very individual therapy which works in a holistic way to balance all the systems of the body. Each treatment is suited to the needs of the individual and each of us can respond in a different way to the therapy but most people report feeling relaxed and reenergised with a renewed feeling of health and vitality.

Some of the conditions that Reflexology can help with :

Aches and pains


Hormone imbalance

Stress related conditions

Fertility and pre conceptual care


Digestive disorders

Sleep disorders

Sinus conditions

Respiratory conditions

Emotional disorders

General wellbeing

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